Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm Still Here... just barely

I got a notice from the website that hosted my blog background recently.  They said they were going to switch servers and I would need to update my code (HTML stuff).  So I thought while I'm at it, I might as well change the look of my blog, since I have to go through all of that trouble anyway.  So, I'm not sure if I did it right, but you might notice the blog looks a little different.  

So, I thought I should probably post something while I'm at it also, instead of just surprising you with a new look and all (out of the blue).  To now explain my extended absence from my blog...  Ever since the end of last year I have felt sick.  It started out as a painfully scratchy throat and then turned into a sinus-related head cold.  With a little bit of minor nausea thrown in for good measure.  I have NOT been able to shake this.  I've felt miserable about 100% of the time since December (about the time I stopped posting on my blog).  I plan on calling my doctor on Monday to make an appointment because I'm really stumped on this ailment.  I was taking a decongestant and some generic Tylenol daily for at least a week.  I thought I could stave off my head cold turning into a sinus infection.  I stopped the medicine when I realized it had been a week.  Thankfully I don't think I have a sinus infection (I'm prone to those).  

To top it all off, a week ago I started taking the anti-depressant that I had received in September, but was too scared to take.  I've been a bit more depressed than usual recently and I figured I would give it a try.  But, one of the side effects is excessive sleepiness.  I was aware of this before-hand and my doctor told me to take it before bed.  So I have each evening, but I'm still wiped out during the day.  It's very ironic that an anti-depressant would MAKE you sleepy!  Being depressed does that all by itself.  

So besides my health issues, everything else is hunky-dory over here.  Our family got a Wii for Christmas and we play it every night before the kids go to bed.  One night this week, my husband and I played AFTER the kids were in bed.  We needed a re-match in Wii Sports Resort Bowling.  Our daughter was not asleep yet and heard the Wii remotes making their familiar sounds.  She asked us to be more quiet while we play the Wii.  We were BUSTED!  It was amazing that we worked up a sweat playing Wii Bowling!  Either it IS good exercise, or we are just really out of shape!  (could be a little of both!)

My clean house has taken a nose dive.  Mainly just the kitchen.  I've felt so miserable that I have no energy to clean it.  It's not as bad as it has been in the past, but it's still to much to have guests come over.  It even embarrasses me.

I plan on taking our Christmas tree down tonight after the kiddos are tucked in.  We've had it turned on every day since we set it up.  I LOVE the warm ambient lighting of the tiny white lights on the tree.  If it were socially acceptable (and we had more room) I would leave it up year-round.  (and if my husband didn't object.)

I'll try to not be a stranger!

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