Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good News!

Hello my loyal blog readers.  I went to the doctor today and before I fill you in on my health update, can I just tell you how AWESOME my doctor is?  Okay, well,  I officially met my doctor at church.  She has two sons who are the same ages as my daughter and oldest son.  During the spring and over the summer my son who was 4 1/2, now 5 became quite the social butterfly.  He was making friends left and right (and I was keeping up with him pretty well, I might add, making new friends with these kids' moms!)  Anyway, my doctor's youngest son and my son hit it off over the summer and we had a few playdates together.  Her oldest son and my daughter get along great also.  

Okay, I got a little bit sidetracked there...  Back to how awesome my doctor is.  She is genuinely concerned with how I'm doing (and everyone else she talks to, I know this because I've seen her and it's beautiful).  She LOVES Jesus and takes time out of her busy schedule where she owns her own practice to go on mission trips with others from our church.  She just returned from a trip to Nicaragua.  It was a medical mission trip where she and other doctors and nurses from the U.S. treated patients there who NEEDED medical care.  Her husband who is a cardiologist also went on this trip.  She is very caring and loving and it comes across when she speaks.  I'm a fairly new patient of hers, but I can't recommend her enough!  She has a heart of gold and I am so blessed to know her as a friend and to be her patient.  If you are in need of a general practice doctor of internal medicine and you would like her info. please email me or comment and I'll give it to you.  

Now, the health update... She thinks that my cold might be allergy-related.  Which I'm relieved to hear.  After about 3 weeks of feeling awful, I was REALLY hoping that it would NOT be a sinus infection.  So she recommended I try an OTC (over the counter) antihistamine to see if I notice any difference in my symptoms.  She also recommended that I cut my current anti-depressant pills in half to help my sleepiness problem.  So, all-in-all it was good news at the doctor's office.  The bad news is that my two oldest children are sick.  Coughing and sneezing all over the house.  They haven't complained too much and don't have a fever (yet) so I haven't given them any medicine for their symptoms.  We've been stuck in the house for two days and they've been resting a lot, I'm hoping they'll get over this yucky stuff soon.

Still haven't taken down the Christmas tree.  It looks so pretty in our living room.  We still have it lighted 24/7.  And yes, my husband is still sleeping on the couch.  One of these days...  I'll take it down.


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