Thursday, January 20, 2011

Geocaching Anyone?... Anyone?

An alligator sunning himself at the park!

Today was quite a busy day.  The morning was filled with homeschooling my two oldest children and then after lunch the whole family went to one of our favorite county parks to meet some other homeschooling families there.  But, before we left the house, my husband and I both bought the apps to do geocaching on our iPhones.  The kids and I had done it one time over the summer or maybe it was last spring, it doesn't really matter, and we fell in love with it.  "What's geocaching?" you ask.  Well, in a nutshell, it's like a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt in which you use your handheld GPS (this comes standard on the iPhones) and a geocaching website like this one where you can find out much more than I could ever tell you.  This was our family's first geocaching "mission."

The red arrow is pointing to the "cache."
Here is a photo of the family and our "treasure" box or "cache" that had a notepad and pencil inside a ziploc baggie to record that we were there along with many others who had visited this cache, dating back a few years!  Also it included just a handful of tiny kids toys.  The rule with geocaching is, if you take an item out of the cache you have to replace it with another item of similar value.  Because it was a last-minute decision for us to go geocaching today, we didn't have anything to trade, so we just peeked inside, looked at all of the items and then re-hid the old ammunition box back where we found it.  

I didn't draw an arrow to my daughter's lizard on her shirt, because ironically the graphics on her shirt are of lizards, but on her left side over her heart and near her shoulder is a real lizard.  He stayed with us the entire hike.  You might be wondering how and why would a lizard be content hanging out on someones shirt for 2 hours on a walk/hike?  Well, I don't have any idea.  It seems that some of the older boys from the other homeschooling families, pick up lizards and put them on their shirts all the time.  One kid had three lizards on his shirt at one time.  All of them perfectly content.  It was cool because two of them were GREEN!  So my daughter asked nicely enough and they got a lizard for her to wear.

He started getting a little "too close" for comfort to my daughter's neck.

My daughter didn't want the lizard to crawl on her neck (again) so I said I would take the lizard for her.  She freaked out and wouldn't let me, because earlier in our hike, my husband tried to "move" the lizard for her because she was worried it was too close to her neck.  I guess the lizard eluded his grasp initially and crawled up her neck and down her arm.  This gave her the heebie-jeebies and although she didn't like it, she didn't want to give him up at the time.  So after our geocaching adventure as we were walking back to the park's playground (and our car) she let her daddy pluck the lizard off her collar and gave it to me.  I wore it for a while until we were ready to go home.  

I really freaked out a few of the moms at the playground.  It was quite a while until one of them came up to me and asked me if that was a real lizard.  I took this photo with my iPhone facing me (with the flip camera function).  I had to put my hair in a ponytail because it got HOT today!  We all got some really good exercise.  Especially me after my youngest son (3 1/2) said he had to go poop after we had already started our geocaching hike.  I ran with him on my back for about 4 minutes hoping he wouldn't poop in his pants.  He made it just fine, thank goodness.  He wasn't so lucky on the day of his brother's birthday last year when we were at a different park and he go so busy playing he couldn't hold it in any longer.   Oh well, memories...  I can look back on it now and laugh :O)


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