Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well, I did it.  I got the house cleaned up enough (de-cluttered) to have guests!  To some of you, who maybe don't know me very well, you might think, "Wow, this is a big deal?"  And to those who might be thinking that, I say, "Yes, yes it is."  My house/home has been in some state of mass clutter since my daughter was born in 2003.  It was then that I became overwhelmed with being a mommy AND taking care of the house.  One of those things had to go, and you guessed it, it was the house.  

It's very interesting to read the books about hoarding and see myself in the descriptions of some of the hoarders in the books.  While I agree this isn't optimal or something I would want to brag about, I've learned a lot about myself from reading/skimming these books.  I say books, because my husband checked out two more books on hoarding from the library recently.  Not for me, but for him.  He wanted to try to understand me and why I do the things I do.  

But, back to the two-week clean-up that I just completed...  I did get the main areas of the house cleaned up, but in the process I had to "stash" some of my "junk" in our bedroom and the garage.  Yes, I know, it's pretty sad.  I now need to tackle these areas of our house. Not to mention the kids' rooms.  One major problem with my record-breaking clean-up/transformation of the house was my husband helped me take apart my desk which was out in the living room and dining room (kind of like a divider) but we were pressed for time, so it's unassembled in our bedroom (taking up WAY too much room) and my computer is not set up, because I have no desk to set it on (as of right now).  So I am borrowing my husband's laptop computer to write this post.  I have a photo of my friends who were able to attend my Christmas Party yesterday, but I can't figure out how to edit it before I post it on this blog.  After I get my computer set up (hopefully tomorrow) I'll post the picture. 

I've GOT to get to sleep now.  I can barely keep my eyes open.  Health update:  no hives, one fever blister starting up, but I put some medicine on it.

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