Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Storm Before the Calm

Yes, I realize that I've gotten the expression mixed up, but it's so true.  Each day I work on my clutter (mainly paper clutter), the dining room or living room area looks like a bomb exploded and it's messier than before I began.  Right now these areas are controlled, but only because I'm not working on the dining room/area around my desk right now.  The living room was trashed on Sunday because that was where I put my piles of paper clutter from my desk.

Today I am working in the kitchen (while homeschooling my daughter!)  So the rest of the house is looking "normal." 

I'm getting really excited about the Christmas Party on Friday at 7:00.  I don't know if anyone is coming though.  If you will be able to attend can you please leave me a comment?  I need to know so I can prepare for the party. 
Some readers have mentioned to me in the past that they didn't know how to post a comment.  If you are having problems posting a comment, there's an alternative.  

Click on the link below my picture where it says "view my complete profile."  On the left side of this profile page is a link (highlighted word) that says email.  It's under the word:  contact.  You can click on the email link and write me a quick response to let me know if you're coming.  There's no need to email if you're unable to attend.  But you're always welcome to email me, if you're unable to comment on my blog.

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