Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stay Focused!

That's me, talking to myself.  It's more like a mantra I've adopted.  One of my problems with collecting clutter is my superior ability to get sidetracked.  It's pretty bad.  It can undermine my cleaning efforts pretty easily (and it's so stealthy).  Like just last night, when I got distracted with throwing out, organizing and making a pile to give away/sell.  I was supposed to just do a few more dishes and then go to bed.  I'm not saying that it was a bad thing though.  It feels really good to have more storage space in some of my kitchen cabinets.  The bummer is that it doesn't really get me closer to my goal of having a clean house to invite friends to a Christmas Party in ONE WEEK!  Don't get me wrong... it's a step in the right direction, but I NEED to focus/concentrate on the living areas of the house where guests would actually see.   My plans are to get a good night's sleep tonight and then stay up late tomorrow and "attackle" the dining room once again.  After I get the dining room picked up and then clean my desk (and surrounding areas) I'm going to do some furniture rearranging (always fun) to make room for our Christmas tree and guests.  I am SO excited to have people over to my house, even if no one shows up, I'm still going to get the house ready, just in case!  I imagine there will be at least a couple people who haven't seen the inside of my house that will be interested to see what a "hoarder's" house looks like (even after it's been cleaned up).  I'm signing off for now.  I want to be well-rested (I had 3 hours of sleep this morning and a 1 hour nap this afternoon) so I can attackle the clutter once again tomorrow!

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