Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Pics I Promised

My husband helped me figure out how to post pictures that I've taken on my iPhone onto my blog. I have more pictures on my digital camera that I'd like to share with you, but I'll have to do that on my desktop computer someday, when I actually need to turn on my desktop computer!

Here are the pics in chronological order...
This one was taken the night before we left (well actually, hours before we left for the condo, on my iphone).

This is a picture of the lunar eclipse last Tuesday morning. The quality is poor, but you get the idea.
Here are some sunset photos I'm pretty happy with.

Can you believe that I took those sunset pics with my iPhone! Here's one from Busch Gardens... We went there on our second day of our staycation. We met our good friends who were visiting from Missouri.
Here's a pic of my oldest son showing off his creativity with raisins!
Here's a pic of my daughter's snail that her friend from MO found and let her keep in the condo during our vacation. One morning we woke up and found the snail on the OUTSIDE of the container! We were worried that it might attach onto our clothes that were laying nearby.

Here's one last pic of our Christmas morning. We got back home on Christmas Eve after attending the Christmas Eve service at our church. I hope that your Christmas was as awesome as ours. We have been blessed in so many ways this year.

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