Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Back to Work For Me!

Tonight while I was doing the dishes, I decided to begin throwing stuff away.  I got rid of extras of EVERYthing (plastic plates, cups, sippy cups, etc...)  I am selling my baby stuff, second-hand china, lots of crystal that we received for our wedding, but have NEVER used.  I don't even LIKE it.  It's the new me again.  I'm not going to let the "guilt" of someone/anyone finding out that I didn't like their gift and I sold it or gave it away (or in some cases threw it away).  I can't continue living life that way anymore.  Lean and mean, scaled down, less is more, minimalism and all that jazz.

So instead of doing the dishes and then going to bed early (as I had planned), I have been discarding and organizing about half of our kitchen cabinets and their contents (for 6 1/2 hours).  We'll see how the rearranging works in everyday use.  If I've thought of convenience and planned the rearranging well, or not.  If not, I can always rearrange it again.

I wanted to give you this update and shortly I'll be heading off to bed.  I need to finish some of the dishes I started and set the coffee maker for the morning.  I'M GONNA NEED IT!


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