Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm doing it...

Well... since my announcement on Saturday about my "challenge" (skip down to Saturday's post if you don't know what I'm talking about), I haven't done very much to get this house whipped into shape....  Until NOW.  Granted, I'm getting started at 11:30 at night and that doesn't leave me a whole lot of uninterrupted time (translation:  time without kids around) to get very much done.  BUT, I AM going to get started.  I just wanted you to know that I'm tackling (or attackling, as my oldest son says) the dining room.  It occurred to me earlier this evening that I was putting too much emphasis on getting the kitchen done first and not focusing on ANYthing else UNTIL I completed that task.  (Well, I haven't completed it YET!)  I need to work on the decision-making parts of my clutter-clean-up while the kiddies are in bed, so I won't be constantly interrupted (and get sidetracked!)  So, I'm attackling the dining room and don't plan on stopping until its CLEAN!  I'll post a quick update when I'm done.

I know what you're probably thinking... "stop blogging about it and just DO IT already!"  Okay, okay... Here I go!


  1. I'm taking my first break since I started at 11:30/12 ish. It's 2:45 and I'm still going strong! I've been mainly getting the piles of newspapers into plastic grocery bags so I can take them to a nearby recycling facility tomorrow. I'm going to stretch my back for a minute or two and get back to it. I'll post again before I hit the sack!

  2. I'm slowing down now. I've gotten half of the dining room cleaned (I can't wait to vacuum now! but I will, AFTER the kids wake up.) I'm REALLY tired right now and want to go to bed, but now I have to tidy up my piles of stuff I just organized. Otherwise we won't be able to walk through the dining room without tripping over a semi-organized pile of important things. I'm really happy with what I've accomplished tonight/this morning. I hope to see you at the Glazer Children's Museum tonight from 4-8 pm for FREE!! Goodnight!


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