Saturday, December 11, 2010

Challenge Update (6 days to go)

Last night (Friday) I began work on my desk.  The frustrating thing is, I didn't get very far.  I didn't get started as early as I had wanted to because besides my usual procrastination, my daughter pulled her second top tooth (making the grand total 6 teeth pulled so far).  She was determined to get that tooth out of her mouth.  She spent about 2 or 3 hours getting it loose enough to pull out.  I'm proud of her.  Determination is not one of her normal character traits.  She often gives up on things that are too difficult.  When she started "working it," early in the evening, it wasn't close to coming out.  She forced it out.  

So, I did my best and grabbed as much paper clutter and miscellaneous items off my desk and plopped them on the floor in the living room.  I made piles of different categories, but then got really tired.  So, even though I knew it could be messed up the next day by the kids (and husband) walking on my piles (which to them just look like random paper clutter/mess) and it did get messed up a bit.  I just left it out on the floor because it would've taken too much time to pick everything up and then get it back out this evening for more sorting.

I'm getting ready to begin, but first I had to start some laundry.  I've fallen off the laundry wagon and have been pushing my limits on how long we can go between washes.  Our family spent the entire day outside putting up our Christmas lights on the house.  Yesterday I did some trimming of our long hedge that leads to the front door to get it ready for the net lights today.  I remember now that I also pulled a BUNCH of some type of weed I hadn't seen before that was growing unchecked near this long hedge.  I even got out the rake to try and get the roots to this weed out of the ground.  That is another example of me getting sidetracked.

Oh yeah, I was talking about doing laundry...  My husband asked that I wash his jeans before church tomorrow because they had gotten soaked today when he pressure washed the front of our house and then the walk that leads to our front door.  He couldn't stop!  Anyway, I wanted to show you just how dirty our walk was.  He took this short video with his iphone4 to demonstrate just HOW dirty it was.  Check it out.

My first load of laundry is waiting for me to fold it.  So, I'm gonna go for now.  We ran out of daylight while putting up the Christmas lights today, so we'll finish it tomorrow after church.  After it's finished I'll show you a photo of our house (from the outside, that is).  


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