Monday, December 20, 2010

CHALLENGE! part deux

I am trying really hard to keep my house (main areas that are already clean) clean!  The kids bring their toys out to the living room while watching TV, the daily newspapers are laying around on tables or kitchen counters, the mail is too, recent kid's artwork, couch pillows on the floor, etc...  I'm trying really hard to stay on top of it.  But I need YOUR help.  If you know me, AND you live locally, I want to challenge YOU to drop by my house unexpectedly, anytime!  Yes, that's right...  This is SO outside of my comfort zone, but I think it's exactly what I need.  Obviously this is a bit more difficult for some of you than others, but give it a try and see if my house is clean.  Don't worry, you can bring the kids.  You can call or text me first to see if I'll be home.  Especially if you live farther away.  May I suggest that the next time you're in the area, you drop on in and see how clean my house is.  I will rely on you (my friends) to keep me accountable.  And soon, I hope to have the bedrooms under control also.  They are really out of control right now.  Then after the bedrooms, the garage, then tackling the backyard landscaping which has been ignored for quite some time.

In other news....
I had forgotten exactly how time-consuming packing for a mini-vacation can be!  My packing began on Sunday, when I did my laundry (ever so quickly, I LOVE my new washer and dryer, thanks again Jen!)  I thought to myself, "I'm half-way done with packing.  That was the hard part."  Boy, was I off.  To save money I need to plan our meals for each day that we are there, then make sure I have the ingredients, and also plan a dish to bring to the annual Christmas cookout that the condo where we are staying has every year.  Plus I needed to pack our swimsuits, beach towels, sunscreen, beach shovels and buckets for sand castle-building, beach umbrella, floaties, etc...  You get the picture.  Even though the temperature of the gulf waters is too cold for native Floridians to get into, there is a heated pool at our disposal which I plan on frequenting each day of our even mini-er vacation.  I finished packing late this afternoon.  Then I had to make out our menu for the 4 days (now 3 days) we will be on vacation.  Then I had to go one last time to Publix to buy some of the AWESOME BOGO deals they have this week, like my favorite crackers!!!(Nabisco Thin Crisps, btw)  So I stocked up on some pantry items for the house and got a few things that we'll need while we're gone.  But by the time my two boys and I left Publix, it was late.  Not late, late, but we still had to eat dinner and I didn't want to drive to the beach and check-in in the dark.  So I (and my husband) insisted that we wait until morning. 

That gives me time to do this (post on my blog) and a few other things before bed.  I forgot to add that this morning I was busy ordering Christmas photos for our Christmas cards.  Then I paid the bills that were due this week.  On a totally unrelated note, yesterday during church I started getting another fever blister.  This one was very aggressive.  It came from out of nowhere and started getting gross.  So I slapped some medicine on it and it's starting to go away now, but I really do hate fever blisters. 

I'll post again in a few days.  After we get back.  Probably on Christmas day. 


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