Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am Thankful

Will Thanksgiving still come if there isn't any turkey on the table?....  Of course it will.  If you looked at Thanksgiving from a practical or anti-religious standpoint, it's just another day.  Right?

Well, tomorrow our Thanksgiving will be turkey-less.  No fixins, sides, rolls either; although I will make a pumpkin pie.  (I have all of the ingredients already purchased and on hand.)  Our family has been trying to make our last few dollars stretch until we receive another paycheck.

I believe that Thanksgiving similarly to Christmas has been blown way out of proportion.  The meaning of Thanksgiving is to remember the very first Thanksgiving feast of the Pilgrims and the Native Americans (Indians).  (I was trying to be politically correct.)  They came together and "gave thanks" to God for blessing them with such abundant crops from their fall harvest.
It's not about turkeys or pumpkin pie or over-eating until you feel sick.  It's not about watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on TV or planning your early morning shopping spree on Black Friday.  We do keep family traditions alive though, and sometimes create new ones.

I don't feel bad that we can't afford a traditional Thanksgiving meal this year, it's not one of our unalienable rights.  It's a privilege to celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey and to share a meal with family.  It's not a need, by any means.  We will be having either beans and cornbread or veggie fajitas for our dinner tomorrow, I can't decide. 

I am planning to make more of a point this year to show the kids, the TRUE meaning of Thanksgiving, so hopefully they'll understand while they're young the MANY things we can be thankful for this year.  Here's my list (after this first one, they are in no particular order):

Jesus (I'm so very thankful for my savior)
my family, extended family and my husband's family
our friends
our church
our house
two mini-vans (even though one needs a new battery to start)
our clothes
our food
my husband's work (he has an abundance right now)
our health
to live in Florida (where it's warm/hot!)

These are from my standard list of thanks to God every evening before bed.  We are so blessed.  Blessed beyond belief.  
Thank you God.

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  1. Laura, that's just awesome. I agree with you that here in America we blow these holidays out of whack and forget the true meaning!

    We have more to be thankful for than most nations in the entire world, and yet we probably give thanks the least!

    I hope you and your family enjoyed your day! :-)


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