Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's New? or if you prefer... WHAZZZZ-AHHHP?

I didn't mean to leave you hangin' last night/month by not mentioning whether or not I started taking my medication for depression yet.  I did finally fill the prescription, but after reading the lengthy list of side effects, was "scared straight!"  I started to doubt if the ends justified the means.  Of course I'd love to highlight some of the more dramatic side effects for your amusement, but I have lost the pertinent medical information somewhere in the overflowing paper clutter atop my desk.  So you will have to take my word for it, I don't think I want to "go there" just yet in my attempts for "normalcy."  I'm playing this one by ear just a little bit longer.  (Please feel free to use your fingers to make "air quotes" on both sides of your head while reading that one sentence above with the dual quotations.  You can picture me doing the same as I am proof-reading this post!)

Did I tell you that my husband had an office for the entire month of September?  It was a DREAM office space and lease agreement.  But alas, it was only month-to-month, and the building was bought out and therefore the rent was raised threefold.  My husband had an agreement with his former employer, but when the building was sold, it dissipated.  We are eternally grateful for the use of the office space while we/he had it.  My husband was VERY productive while "at work."  And likewise the kids and I could "let our hair down" when he wasn't here.  Very often while he was trying to work the kids would have to TRY and remain relatively quiet to not interrupt his focus.  This was EXTREMELY difficult, because kids will be kids.  

I can't remember if I told you what my husband does for a living.  He is a digital colorist in the comic book industry.  In laymen's terms:  he colors comic books on the computer.  He's been doing this for about 20 years and he's very good at it.  His main employer is DC COMICS, but he does a lot of work with MARVEL COMICS too.  

Near the end of August, an editor at Marvel contacted him and asked if he wanted some extra work.  In this current economic climate, of course he said, "YES!"  That's when we went looking for an office outside of the house.  God very quickly worked out all of the details and placed it in our collective lap.  It is truly amazing how God works.  I LOVE waiting around to see what he's going to do next.  And yes, I realize that not everything is sunshine and roses, but man, God is an awesome God, and he has knocked my socks off a bunch of times recently.  I've fallen to my knees and pleaded with Him but also rejoiced in his love for His children.  "You ROCK God!"

Back to the office space thing...  Currently my husband is back at home.  Currently I'm trying to keep the kids quiet.  If you or anyone you know knows of a moderately-priced office space that is available anywhere in the SW Pasco, N Pinellas or W Hillsborough counties, please contact me by commenting on my blog  :O)

My daughter's tooth is still attached.  No new news there.  She asked if she could create some art for me to put on my blog, so of course I said, "yes."  But instead of what she gave me, I'd like to use some of her previous work.
This is a few from her cast of characters known as...
The Lovers
Yes, I am aware that the skull faces are a little bit morbid, but my husband's love of lowbrow art has rubbed off on the wee girl.  The first character is a bunny rabbit, I can't remember what the middle one is, but she is the matriarch of the group.  Lastly is the adorable puppy dog.  Each of them hold a heart.  I don't remember their backstory and my daughter is already in bed AND asleep for the night.  (She is somewhat of a night owl and has difficulty sometimes going to sleep.)

We celebrated my oldest son's 5th birthday on Sunday.  His party was last Friday (a week ago).  I will post pictures and more info. about it soon.

I almost forgot.  I had two and a half hours of fun this morning while I was babysitting my friend Tammy's 5 week old baby, Joshua.  My daughter took this picture of me and upon closer inspection you can see him looking at me with a strange look, that I think says, "Who are you again?" and "You do NOT look like my mommy!"  I truly enjoyed my time with him.  He was a great baby to sit.  Anytime Tammy... anytime.
  Signing off for tonight.  I promise to post again tomorrow...

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  1. I realize that the info. about my husband's job/office is a bit redundant when looking over some of my previous posts. But I thought I'd leave it in this post, because one: it's late and I'm tired and two: the prior post regarding his job was a LONG time ago! and three: there is a tiny bit of new information included in tonight's post. Goodnight!


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