Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rough Night.

I will be very brief.  Not that I want to, but need to.  My desk/computer is situated in between our living room and dining room, kind of acting as a divider.  In the living room asleep are my husband (on the couch) and the two older kids (inside play tents, the indoor kind).   My three year old son is sleeping in his own bed.  Around 8:00 tonight the youngest was a little whinier than usual and complaining that different parts of his body hurt.  I felt his forehead and cheeks and determined he didn't have a fever, but his body didn't get the memo.  Not long after the crying started he threw up all over himself and his bedding that he had dragged into his tent (our newest one, and thank goodness it had a tarp-like material on the bottom, so none of the throw up got on our carpet.)  My husband was nearby and quickly whisked him to the bathroom so he could finish what he started, this time over the toilet.  He didn't make it in time, but hey, some of it went in.  He took a quick bath and went to bed very easily.  He still didn't have a fever.  Ironically we were at the pediatrician's office today for my 5 year old son's well child visit.  I'm really hoping he didn't pick up a stomach flu virus while we were there.  Do you know if a virus could cause symptoms the same day you caught it?  

I have pictures of the tent set up.  I'll re-size them and post them tomorrow.  Goodnight!

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