Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quick Update, Then Bed

I promised myself I would TRY to go to bed early tonight (as I often promise myself about every other night).  This time because I want to stay healthy while I'm taking care of two sick boys.  But I feel a compulsion (possibly obsessive) to continue with my daily posting to my blog.  Even if no one is reading it, just because.  So it's already 12 a.m. Saturday morning and I'm going to TRY and be brief.

My youngest son who threw up yesterday, hasn't thrown up today (yet).  He slept almost all day, but did have a normal breakfast (sans his usual tall glass of milk), he skipped lunch because he was too tired and wanted to sleep, then for dinner snacked on an bottomless snack trap (I think that's what they are called) of goldfish in front of the TV.  He developed a low grade fever during the night and hasn't been able to shake it yet, but since he'd gone 24 hours without throwing up, I finally gave him some fever-reducing medicine before bed (that is the darkest red medicine I have ever seen!)  I also felt it was necessary because his fever was starting to rise.  He's had normal tinkles (#1) and poopies (#2) so I'm pretty excited there's no diarrhea or dehydration.  Thank you God!  I might as well stay up for another 20 minutes because he can have more medicine then.

Now for something completely different...  My husband says his new office is very quiet, so the kids and I are thrilled.  So is he I imagine.  The new office is working out well, I think.  I'll keep you updated if anything changes.

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