Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm Ba-a-a-ack...

I was talking with a dear friend today and once again she encouraged me to continue blogging.  (She is the same friend who inspired my last post - almost a month ago!)  Her kind words today touched me, and I thought, "Why not?"  I'll make it a priority once again.  Only now I have a bit of a dilemma:  start blogging about current stuff OR get you caught up on what I've been up to for the past month and a half.  

I thought about this briefly and decided to do a little of each.  I can fill you in on the mundane tasks of my everyday life (if blog-worthy) and add tidbits of events that have happened since my blog hiatus.

Today our family drove to Tampa to pick up a gently-used washer and dryer.  My sweet friend Jen and her husband offered it to us so that my laundry would get dry in the dryer preferably with only setting the dial once.  I will be cleaning out the dryer vent when we remove our old dryer.  That will certainly help.  I'm pretty excited to try them out.  Only a woman could understand my excitement (okay, maybe a bachelor would too).  This addition to our home will make laundry a whole lot easier for me.  So if you're reading this Jen, "Thank You!"  

I didn't get a photo of the new washer and dryer yet, but I wanted to show you our new oven!

Doesn't it look AWESOME!  It was hand-delivered by these two lovely people all the way from Illinois! 

They are my parents.  A friend of my mom's remodeled her kitchen recently and her old oven was a specific kind of oven that has a floor vent instead of a hood vent.  I'm not sure if floor vent is the technical term for the vent, but that's what I call it.  It vents the air from the oven under the floor and outside.  It's kind of cool.  She asked my mom and her other friends if they knew anyone who could use this type of oven.  My mom said that I had that kind of oven and would probably like to update my kitchen with her oven that was newer than mine.  

So it was settled.  My mom and dad would drive it down to FL and we'd get an extra visit from them on top of the already awesome new oven.  Mom and dad also included an old twin-size bed that I slept on as a child (so did my dad when HE was a child) that we determined would go in our daughter's room.  It was WIN-WIN for everyone!

We enjoyed a lovely visit with my parents and even got to celebrate my dad's birthday before they left to drive back to IL.  After surveying the new oven we determined that our older oven had the convection feature while the newer one did not.  I was sad.  I knew that my parents spent a lot of time and energy getting that oven down to FL and that my mom's friend was really hoping that I would be able to use her old oven.  

So, we compromised.  Her newer oven had ceramic glass cooktop inserts (that's what I call them, not sure what they would actually be called).  The ovens have interchangeable cooktops.  You can swap out a regular burner set for an indoor grill on the stovetop.  We ended up using the ceramic glass cooktops and matching black vent cover (in center) on our old oven, and BOY, DOES IT LOOK GREAT!

That day that we swapped the cooktops I spent a lot of time detail cleaning the oven/stove.  I even took off the knobs and scrubbed them individually.  That oven didn't look THAT good the day we moved in (Oct. 2002).  We are SO thankful for the updated-look on our old oven.  It gets me excited about cooking!  (not that it takes too much to get me excited about cooking, hee hee!)  So, thank you Pansy and Mac for letting us have your old oven.  We will see that your oven finds a nice home.  By the way... does anyone need a floor-venting type of oven?  Leave me a comment.

The drama tonight (and for the past three nights) has been my 7 1/2 year old daughter's loose tooth.  It is her first loose tooth on the top part of her mouth, so it's extra exciting.  Each night she asks me to pull it out for her, but doesn't let me stick my fingers in her mouth to do it.  She's already lost two teeth on the bottom.  I pulled one out and my husband pulled the other out without much fanfare.  This top tooth is totally disconnected in the back part, but still attached in the front.  It's already giving her a lisp when she talks and she pushes it out and closes her mouth looking like a one-toothed bunny rabbit.  I thought I'd include a photo taken tonight of the tooth-pulling drama...

In this picture her loose tooth is turned sideways, but still attached.  We'll see if it's still in there by tomorrow night.

Last bit of current news...  tomorrow morning I get to babysit for a friend's newborn baby.  It's only for a couple hours, but I'm giddy with excitement.  I can't wait.  I'll fill you in on how that goes tomorrow (I fully plan on updating the blog daily again).

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