Sunday, October 24, 2010


Yep, I'm disappointed in myself.  I have all of these grandiose plans to get "organized" and to be "efficient" around the house or even to keep an exercise "schedule."  I'm failing miserably in these categories, AND MORE!  Last night I DID go to bed at a decent hour (before 9 pm) and I totally planned on waking up at 5 am to do my lengthy exercise DVD workout.  BUT, what I hadn't planned on was my poor, miserable and feverish little 3 1/2 year old wimpering in his bed, and then coming to get me in my bed.  The poor little guy.  I ended up sleeping on the floor in his room for the third night in a row.  It's really not comfortable.  He continued to wake up again on the half hour and wimper.  At least I was nearby to comfort him and get him something if he needed it.  

But because I was in the boys' room for the night I turned the alarm off so it wouldn't wake THEM up at 5 am.  Ironically I was awake at about 4:50 am or so, because the little one needed me.  But I decided to go back to bed because I could (and I deserved it, so I thought).  Even when the sun came up around 7:30 ish I told him to lay back down because I was tired!  It didn't work, and I got up.  Since I missed my window of exercise opportunity, I decided to at least get some breakfast together.  To keep the first day on my "new" schedule close to the intended times.  

After breakfast I spent time organizing my coupons.  Going through today's paper and cutting out the coupons from this Sunday's and last Sunday's (they were already selected and separated, but not cut yet).  Then I tried to organize ALL of the newspapers that were laying around (just in our eat-in kitchen area).  I can't remember what else I did, but that took us all the way to lunchtime.  

The afternoon was a blur.  I didn't do much of anything (that I remember).  The boys wouldn't take a nap (even though they're both sick and NEED it).  I had to return the movie to a Blockbuster Express and pick up a few items at Wal-Mart too.  I was getting ready to do that when a friend of my daughter's mom texted me to see if she wanted to come over for a bit.  So I took her there and then went on my errands.  Got back in time to bring in the groceries and go pick her back up.  Get dinner ready and then have some family time before getting the kids to bed.  

Sorry if the recap of my day was boring, but it's just real-life.  I need to make some TO-DO lists (I think) the night before, so that not only do I have an idea of what I want to accomplish, but I can visualize it literally, on paper.  Yes, that's what I'll do.

Tomorrow morning I'll be getting up at 5 am.  I have you to keep me accountable, right?  Exercise DVD, shower, then prayer time.  Hopefully all of these done before the boys wake up (with the sun).  I still need to picture what the rest of the day will look like.

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