Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dinner and a Movie Night (again)

At the request of my youngest (and sickest) son, we repeated the movie, How To Train Your Dragon for our weekly dinner and a movie night (sometimes game night).  Yesterday for dinner he said he wanted pizza, which was a good sign (he had an appetite).  I had to inform him that we would be having pizza the following night for "dinner and a movie night."  He said he really wanted to watch the Dragon movie again, so because there are no other decent kids movies out right now (and he feels so bad) I succumbed to his wishes.  I was worried about the older two kids protesting since we just watched the movie a week ago, but they were both excited to see it again.

We will get extra value out of this $1.00 rental since we will be staying home from church tomorrow.  My husband has lots of work and I imagine would've stayed home from church anyway.  So that means that I would need to stay home with the sick kids and my daughter wouldn't have a choice, but to stay at home with the rest of us.  I hate to stay away from church, but I'm needed at home.

We will also be grounded from our Sunday evening small group meeting and most likely from our Monday night small group.  Although I think I'll be able to go and just leave the kids with my husband.  Since I'm currently leading our small group, it's important that I'm there.

I did my 3rd exercise DVD today.  I've been averaging every other day for my workouts.  It's a real commitment because each DVD takes at LEAST one hour, some last an hour and 15 minutes.  I've decided tonight to start going to bed earlier so I can get up earlier.  It's almost impossible for me to complete the workout with the constant interruptions from the kids after they're awake.  

So right now, the kids are all tucked in (but not asleep) and I'll be following shortly.  I'm looking forward to getting a good night's sleep.  Last night (and the night before) I had to sleep in the boys' room.  Last night I started sleeping in my own bed, but my youngest kept coming in to tell me something so many times, he finally asked me to sleep on the floor in his room.  It was a good idea to be so close to him, because every half hour he would wake up and say he was going to throw up, but then change his mind.  We have a 32 ounce cup that we've dubbed, "the throw-up cup."  I would hold it over his mouth and wait, but no action.  Which I was fine with, less mess.

I was excited today to find an ibuprofen for children at CVS that was dye-free (it was their store brand).  I'm happy to give him colorless medicine, especially when there's the possibility of throwing it up.  I would normally give the kids Children's Tylenol.  But back in April (or May) they recalled almost all of the Tylenol and Motrin products.  A couple months ago I had looked for an alternative to Tylenol at Publix and all I could find (for children's pain relief) was Triaminic.  I bought the bubble gum flavor.  The picture on the front of the box showed the liquid as pink (which you'd think WOULD be the color for a bubble gum flavored medicine.)  But, no.  The actual liquid color was BRIGHT RED!  Like I said before, the reddest-red I've ever seen (in a medicine).  I looked at the ingredients and the red dye was listed somewhere in the middle of all ingredients, NOT at the end (proving that there's WAY too much dye in that medicine.)  I don't think there needs to be artificial colors in medicine.  It's not good for our bodies.

Okay, that's my diatribe on childrens' medicines and unnecessary dyes.  It's almost 8:00 p.m.  I've gotta wind up my time on the computer and hit the sack!


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