Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What a Busy and Exciting Day!

Before I get started explaining my "busy and exciting day," I want to apologize for my brief hiatus.  Sorry.  Okay, that's better, now where was I?  

Oh yes, My Busy and Exciting Day!...  Today was the first day that my husband left the house to work (in a long time).  A quick backstory...  My husband's main source of income comes from coloring comic books as a freelance artist.  He's been doing it for years and is burned out on comics, but it's familiar and semi-easy for him, so he stays with it.  He's self-employed and works from home, but over the past 10 years or so has also had some "9-5" jobs (your traditional kind of job, outside of the home).  For one reason or another, those companies seem to end badly.  No, there's no connection to his employment and their demise.  Quite the contrary, he is a very valuable employee, and has proven this time and again.  He just likes working for small start-up companies that for one reason or another (each one is different) seem to fail.  

He occasionally has a job outside the home, but then always comes back to doing comic books full time.  It wasn't until January, that a friend of ours suggested that he rent out an office space so that he could get his work done without the distractions of being trapped inside a small house with three young kids running around, being kids. It wasn't until last Friday that, after hearing from Marvel Comics, who offered him LOTS of work, unexpectedly, that we decided to really pursue the "working outside the home in an office/studio-type setting."  All it took was talking (IMing) the right people and an office space was lined up.  In a matter of minutes!  IT WAS A TOTAL GOD THING!  You know, it's amazing to see God at work in your life, but it (His work) isn't visible if you're not looking.  I'm not sure if that made sense, let me know if it didn't.

So, my husband leaves the house around 9:30 (he can set his own office hours, he technically still works for himself) and I am adrift on my own.  I have a quickly thrown together to-do list with five things on it.  Some of them seem pretty easy, like take shower.  It's really too bad I couldn't cross that one off!  Sadly enough I was only able to cross one thing off that list.  BUT, the good news was, that after I got rolling this morning, I didn't stop!

I stain-treated some of the mounting pile of stained clothes and threw them into a load of whites.  That took a while, but after a few items treated, I was in the groove.  I made lunch and after lunch decided that the kids and I should clean up the living room (which looked like a tornado had blown through it).  It didn't take very long for them to collect all of their toys and dump them into their room (which I was fine with, we'll do their rooms on another day).  I threw away all of the trash which mainly consisted of scrap paper from art projects and some completed drawings that didn't make the cut to go in the "keep" pile.  Don't tell the kids.  After vacuuming and re-arranging the furniture (as best I could with my still-overflowing-with-piles-of-paper desk dividing the living room and dining rooms and could not be moved without considerable time and effort, not to mention strength) the living room looks AWESOME!

I've noticed that my cleaning/decluttering seems to happen in spurts.  I'll go for a day or two doing nothing (it seems) to help me reach my goal of opening up my home to guests, but then on the spur of the moment transform part of my house.  I keep feeling that I'm so close, but when I'm going through my piles of stuff, it gets messier before it gets clean.  Especially if I don't have the time to finish.  I have piles of "stuff" all around my desk right now and it looks really bad.  The good news is, that besides my bedroom (master bath and closet) this area around my desk (in our dining room) is the last place that I need to conquer.  It's a really good feeling.

Of course I still need to help the kids with their rooms.  We plan on putting the bunk beds back together in the boys' room (if they can promise not to maim/kill themselves by jumping or falling off of them).  That will help make some more room in there once the beds are stacked again.  

That will be for another day.  Besides voting in FL's primary election tomorrow, I will be focusing on the rest of the stained laundry and the piles around and on my desk.  I'll let you know how that goes.  By the way, the kitchen is still clean!  Yea!


  1. "I keep feeling that I'm so close, but when I'm going through my piles of stuff, it gets messier before it gets clean."

    I so know how you feel! I had planned a day to attack my office; go through all my file cabinets and shred, etc. Whoa. The project was larger than I anticipated, so I feel like all I ended up doing was making it look (on the surface) even worse!!

    Just think of how good it will feel to be past that stage! :-)

  2. Laura, it's great to hear about your progress as you go along. Congrats to Rob too. I'm enjoying this blog.


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