Thursday, August 5, 2010

That's a LITTLE better!

Today I got a little bit done from my list.  I did almost all of the laundry (one load left for tomorrow).  I would've gotten it all done (I did 4 loads, some were small) but when I was getting ready to put it out on the clothesline, I heard thunder.  This was in the early afternoon.  I looked out the window to make sure there were some dark clouds to back it up, and yes, there were.  EDITORS NOTE:  it never even rained!  So I had to use my dryer.  I HATE my dryer.  It would be nice if it could dry a load of clothes within the 80 minute time limit it has a setting for.  I usually have to do the 80 minute cycle twice (for large loads).  My theory on large loads is, if the washing machine that matches the dryer can fit all of those clothes, then why can't the dryer dry them (in one drying cycle)?  

I just made a trip to the nearest 7-Eleven where I picked up 5 St. Petersburg Times newspapers.  And I have one from our newspaper subscription already at home.  So in theory, I could buy (with some careful planning) $120 of products from Kohl's for $60.  Not including that I ONLY buy items that are on sale, usually items that are 50% off or more!  That must mean that Kohl's (and I'm sure every other store) REALLY marks up their prices, A LOT!  Especially for them to be printing up these awesome coupons and sticking them to a newspaper, so anyone can have access to them!  That...  is why...  Kohl's is my NEW favorite store.

I wish that I could say that I've taken the time to wash and style my new hair cut and that I could show you a good picture of it, but alas, I can't.  I've had an unusually hermit-like day today.  The only time I went outside was a few minutes ago (to get the newspapers).  I didn't get the mail or the newspaper in the morning (my husband did).  It's been a strange kind of insidey-day.  And yes, I just made up that word.

Tomorrow I'm going to be able to see a very good friend and her son (who's one month older than my daughter) who've moved up north.  I'm sad to say the reason for this visit is due to a funeral.  I'm so thankful for old friends. (New ones too, don't get me wrong!)  

Does anyone like Thai food?  Yeah, I know I'm blogging all over the place... WATCH OUT!   Tonight I made one of our new favorite sauces that you can put on ANYthing (almost).  It's a recipe for peanut sauce that I got from looking around online.  If you like Thai food, please check out this site.  It's called  So far we've put it over rice noodles and jasmine rice.  Someday I'm gonna put it on chicken to make satay.  My husband goes CRAZY for this peanut sauce!  You can leave ME a comment if you have any questions about the recipe.  I found it in February when I couldn't stop my craving for Thai food.

My crazy Thai food craving started when my parents came to visit us at the end of Jan.  They had just been to Thailand last November.  They went with a group from my church back home in IL to visit the missionary couple that they support.  In honor of mom and dad, I made one Thai dish, which they liked, but it's pretty spicy and my mom didn't have a love affair with the Thai food when she was there.  She was sick of it.  So I made the other recipe I had planned on making when they were here after they left.  Then I made another, and now I remember, she got me hooked on Thai iced tea!  Which is funny because I don't like regular iced tea!  Did you know they use sweetened condensed milk in their iced tea?  Oh yeah.  It was totally my speed (insert witty sweet tooth reference here).  I found a recipe online to make the iced tea too!  I don't remember where though, if you're interested, you can GOOGLE it.  There were lots of different sites with recipes if I remember.  I even watched a video of a street vendor making the iced tea, it was cool.

I'm sorry that this post was all OVER the place.  That's just the way I roll...  g'nite!

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