Sunday, August 15, 2010


I wanted to share the pictures of my NEW GUEST BATHROOM!  
My husband and I started and finished priming, then painting the bathroom LATE Friday night into early Saturday morning.  I got to bed at 4:30 a.m.  There is no WAY I could have done it all so quickly without my husband's help.  It took about 5 hours (including the 2 hours of drying time for the primer).  I am not so good at detailed painting, like ceilings and edges.  My husband did an awesome job even considering it was difficult to keep our eyes focused on painting because we were both so tired!
I don't know if you can tell what color the formica is in either of these pictures.  It's a mixture of gray and lavender, a REALLY ugly mixture.  One that should never be repeated!  When we moved in the walls in here were a slight hint of lavender, but a flat finish (a BIG no, no for bathrooms and kitchens, even I know that!)  We hadn't done anything in there except for replacing the towel rack, towel ring and toilet paper holder (since I broke the original ones off by using one as a ladder/stool).  

This is what I looked like Saturday morning (after about 3 hours of sleep plus a shower).
I wanted to get a good picture of my new haircut.  I'm not happy with the one I'm using as my profile picture.  But this one isn't good either. 

Early Saturday morning, instead of eating breakfast, I ran on over to the closest Kohl's to take advantage of my remaining 3 $10 off your $20 purchase coupons and their morning DOORBUSTER specials!  I stood in the bathroom towels section for about an hour.  I couldn't decide which color of towels I liked the best.  I finally decided on the warm brown towels above (although now I'm not totally convinced.)  I ran out of coupons, so I had to stop at just towels.  Not enough discounts for me to buy a shower curtain, rod and curtain rings or a new matching bath mat. 

I waited until today when I was doing my weekly shopping at Wal-Mart and I remembered that I should look at shower curtains.  I really liked the blue one I picked out and I think it goes nicely with the mauve paint.  I got a new shower curtain rod and rings there too.  I couldn't wait to get home and hang them up.

When I was taking these pictures I noticed my 3 year old son's toothbrush in the Hot Wheels cup/toothbrush holder and was truly grossed out! 
Instead of brushing, he usually just chews on it and walks around the house.  THIS TOOTHBRUSH IS ONLY ONE WEEK OLD!  I love, love, love to shop at the Dollar Tree and when I'm there I usually stock up on kids' toothbrushes.  Thank goodness, I have a spare one for him for tomorrow.  

As for some blog-to-friend accountability... my kitchen is CLEAN!  Yesterday afternoon I removed a large pile of STUFF from the entryway (not front door entryway, but from our garage entryway).  I was on the hunt for that darned Transformers library book.  I was sure it was in that humongous pile!  Alas, it was not :O(

My house is beginning to take shape.  This afternoon my husband helped my daughter clean up her room and it looks pretty good!  Good enough for her to have a sleepover (with her brother, that is).  As soon as I get the dining room cleaned up (which I had started just before I started writing this blog and then stopped and ignored it ever since) I will be able to have guests!!!!!  YES, that's right.  You, yes you will be able to come over and sit on my couch and watch TV and stay for a meal and leave whenever you want (more or less).  I really can't wait for that day!  It's getting close, it's in my grasp.

But I still haven't done the laundry :O(
That's the first thing on my list of things for tomorrow.  I know I keep saying that, but really, we're running out of clean clothes over here.


  1. Everything looks great but I am so confused... are both pics the "after" of your bathroom? Either way....woo hoo!

  2. @Two Shades of Pink... Yes, both pics are after the transformation. I have one picture of the before on the previous post. The bare wall with the splotches of the "orange peel" texture spray paint stuff sprayed on the wall in certain spots.
    I can't wait for you to see it!


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