Thursday, August 5, 2010

QUICK POST: KOHL'S coupon in Thursday (8/5/10) St. Petersburg Times

Look for this coupon in your St. Petersburg Times for Thursday, August 5, 2010.  It's right on the front page in the upper right. 
 I sent out this information first on twitter.  I don't know how to do twitpic though, so I wanted to show everyone the picture, hence the second blog post in less than 6 hours.  (yeah, I was up WAY too late last night).

Here's some more pics of the awesomeness...
The details are on the back...
Look on the right-hand side of my blog page at the twitter updates.  More info. from me is there.

I'm guessing that we might all get another $10 off your $10 purchase gift card in the mail today, but maybe not.  Usually that happens BEFORE the newspaper sticker appears.  Maybe mine got lost in the mail?  I hope I get one.  Let me know if you got one.  I want to re-paint my guest bathroom and will be using these coupons to buy my new towels, bath mat and shower curtain + new rod.  I guess this will be my incentive to get it re-painted before Aug. 6 (oh wait, that's tomorrow!)  Usually the sticker/coupon doesn't start for a whole week after it comes out.

GOOD LUCK getting your KOHL'S coupons in today's paper!

I just saw this advertisement circular inside the newspaper.
So get ready to SHOP tomorrow and Saturday during the "POWER HOUR SPECIALS!"

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