Monday, August 9, 2010

Putt, putt, putt.... I'm losing steam...

Whew!  I'm really tired.  I've been staying up way too late and getting up way too early (for summer break, that is!).  I know the reason that I started this blog was to document my AMAZING house transformation from messy to marvelous (I just came up with that!)  But I am growing weary.  My goal (besides July 18th - invited new neighbors to dinner) was to have the house spotless before school started.  And when I say school, I don't mean public school which begins on the 23rd, but September 7th when NorthBay begins.  That is where my daughter spent Kindergarten and First Grade and most of my friends and their kids still attend school there.  That is how I judge all school (based on my prior knowledge and familiarity).

Summer vacation is nearing an end and I haven't gotten any further on my house besides the clean kitchen (which is still clean, I might add).  It's embarrassing that I haven't gotten more done.  BUT...  I would rather spend this time over the summer hanging out with friends and making memories.  I'm losing sight of my original goal.  To top it all off, beginning in September, I will be homeschooling full-time my three children (only my 7-year old daughter will be registered with the county, the boys are not old enough to be considered).  I really looked forward to a harmonious homeschool time with a spotless house.  No clutter and tons of organization for books, school supplies and other miscellaneous homeschool necessities. 

So there you go.  I've hit a wall.  My cleaning will take a backseat to social activities, at least for one more week.  I hope you'll still check back in with me when I can get my stuff together and crack the whip on this crazy house-taming adventure.  I'll still be here.


  1. I'm on a cleaning streak. I'll come help, seriously. We've seen each other have babies...what's a messy house between friends?

  2. Okay, you've called me out! You've got a good point about our level of um... comfortableness (if that's a word). BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SEVEN KIDS GOING CRAZY? That would defeat the purpose I think. Not to mention the fact that Rob works from home. He can barely get any work done with only 3 kids going crazy in the house! :O(

  3. When's Rob's deadline? I could come up on a M or W when John has the kids and Rob could take your kids out somewhere and we could bust through some stuff.


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