Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's all in the details...

I had planned on getting caught up on my laundry today, but then I got sidetracked.  I think it might be ADD, but I've never been diagnosed.  I'm a very detailed person, perfectionistic and determined.  When you combine these things together you can get a very easily sidetracked person who starts one thing, gets crazy-detailed on it, then forgets what they were doing originally and begins another task, jumping head-first into it and working furiously until it's done.  That, was my day today.

After breakfast something made me think about cleaning the toilet in the guest bathroom.  Oh yeah, I remember, because it was getting gross!  So I cleaned the bowl and was ready to add one of those bleach tablets to the tank to help me keep it clean and that's when I got distracted!

When I looked inside the toilet tank there was a lot of black stuff on the bottom of the tank that looked pretty hard.  I turned off the water to the tank.  Then I took the toilet brush and scrubbed it a little and it was not hard at all but just piled up black sediment.  From our wonderful water company (formerly Aloha Utilities).  We've suffered with black water since we've moved in 8 years ago.  Next I scrubbed with a sponge to get in the hard-to-reach places.  Then I picked up the remaining water/black sediment with rags until it was almost completely clean.  Here's what it looked like after I was done.
But when I looked inside the bowl, I saw I nice surprise!
All of that black sediment had to go somewhere!  Sorry to gross you out.  That toilet bowl was already cleaned before this happened!

After a few swishes and flushes, it went away.  I dropped the bleach tablet into the tank and quickly ran to the other bathroom to do the same to that toilet.

I finished just in time to begin making lunch for myself and the kiddos.  While making lunch I got grossed out by the inside of the microwave.  So I boiled some water in a small Pyrex bowl to loosen the baked-on, caked-on foodstuffs.  That microwave was shiny before we ate lunch!  That project didn't take too long!
After lunch I put the boys down for a nap and my daughter in her room for some "quiet time."  Then while in the guest bathroom I examined the walls.  A very long time ago I had removed a towel rack and toilet paper holder from the main wall in the bathroom.  I had patched the holes left from the very dated porcelain fixtures, but had never re-texturized the spots to match the rest of the wall.  I had a can of "orange peel" texture spray just waiting for this project, but in the past I was always paralyzed by my perfectionism.  I didn't want to do the texturizing, because I thought I'd screw it up.  The texture on the wall was already screwed up before we moved in.  Whoever did it originally was not very talented.  I tried to fix that too while I was at it.
In the picture it looks dirty, but that's because the texture spray was still wet.  It dries white.
Today I had an incentive though.  It was the Kohl's coupons that expire on Saturday (8/14).  A while back I had posted about how I wanted to use those to buy towels, shower curtain and rod and possible accessories for the guest bathroom AFTER it was painted.  Did I mention that I already had the paint in the garage?  Yeah, I'm embarrassed to say that it's been out there for about 4 years.  This evening I mixed it up and I think it will be okay.  At least I hope so.  After putting the kids in bed and running a few errands, my husband and I primed the walls.  Then 2 hours later we painted the walls.  Here's a picture:
With my husband's help we finished the bathroom EARLY Saturday morning.  Tomorrow (Sat.) I'm going to Kohl's early to pick out some towels and a shower curtain for the NEW bathroom!    

I'll let you know how it went!  Goodnight!

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