Sunday, August 8, 2010

It was a Kohl's kind of day...

This morning I dragged the kids out of the house (around 11:30) to go to Kohl's in New Port Richey before the "DOORBUSTERS" ended at 1:00.  I had planned on getting the boys some new underwear and my daughter some new tennis shoes/sneakers (depending on where you're from is which word you would use).  I was able to get the undies for the boys, but the Skechers tennis shoes were a little too pricey for my taste.  I ended up getting 2 two-packs of pillows that were 55% off instead.  As an impulse buy on the way up to the cashier I found 4 v-neck tees that I didn't think I could live without.  They were 50% off (except the 4th was 60% off on clearance, but same style).  I ended up using 3 of my 6 $10 off your $20 purchase.  I also saved a couple more dollars by using the 15% off coupon that I posted a link to on twitter for anyone who wanted it.  Remember:  You can view my tweets to the right of my posts.  So even if you're not on twitter, you can stay informed via my website, and soon facebook.

I promised the kids we'd go to Crispers in Trinity for lunch (if they were good).  They weren't but I really wanted to go.  (They did an awesome job after we ordered the food and sat down, so that made it worthwhile.)  So I made the kids put on their special Crispers Kid's Club t-shirts that a very generous friend bought for them, so they could receive their kid's meal for only 99 cents!  Well, it turns out if you read the fine print of the 99 cent Crispers Kids Club on the menu, that you only receive a 99 cent meal WHEN you purchase a regular size adult entree.  And that meant that when I thought I'd only be paying 99 cents for each kid's meal, I was mistaken.  

If you don't already know (I might not have posted anything regarding it) our family has been struggling financially, well, since we've been married (13 years this month).  So that is especially why I try to S-T-R-E-T-C-H our money as much as possible.  I feel  pretty stupid that I didn't read the fine print (BEFORE ordering).  I ordered a half a flatbread and a water for $3.99 (the same price as a full price kids' meal).  I got one kid's meal for 99  cents and the other two for $3.99 making our total come to $13.87 with tax.  I was about to cry when the cashier told me that (first she said it was $17 something, but she said that's without the kids' club discount).  I had already placed my order and the kids were really looking forward to eating there, so I said "okay, just ring it up."  I asked to speak with the manager because I still felt slighted.  I didn't bring this point up to him, but I wonder, "Why do the kids have to wear that extremely ugly t-shirt that is FREE ADVERTISING FOR CRISPERS and they each cost $2.99!"  If you're gonna get one 99 cent kid's meal for each adult entree ordered, why make the kids wear a $2.99 shirt that looks ridiculous!  Chick-Fil-A gives you a free kid's meal per adult value meal on Tuesday evenings (without making you buy something, then make your kids wear it to the restaurant!)

Okay... I'm glad I got that off my chest.  Thank you for "listening."

This week, starting tomorrow (Sunday) my husband and I will be starting two new studies with two different small groups.  One is about marriage, called, "Love and Respect," by Emerson Eggerichs.  The second is improving prayer, called, "Too Busy NOT to Pray, " by Bill Hybels.  I will let you know more after we dig into them this week.

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