Thursday, August 12, 2010

Do I love FREE movies?.... YES!

This week has been a first for me (and my kids.)  On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (today) we went to see a movie in the morning.  That's three movies in one week!  As you probably remember, the first was How To Train Your Dragon (AMC Theaters $1 movie).  Yesterday we saw Planet 51 in Port Richey at the Hollywood 18 (Regal Cinemas = FREE).  And today we drove to Citrus Park Mall in Tampa to see Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (Regal Cinemas = FREE).  The two FREE movies were ones we were familiar with.  The dragon movie only my daughter had seen before.  I'm so excited that for the most part my kids did pretty well in the theater(s).  They are reaching the age where we can go to the movies more often (budget-permitting) and the grown-ups can enjoy the movie too!

This summer has been so busy for me.  I really surprised myself!  I can't remember when the kids and I have done so much stuff, like playdates, swimming, movies, road trips, sleepovers, etc...  Maybe it's their ages now that they are getting older, they are getting more social.  It must be the same for me!  I feel I've been getting more social too!  

Tomorrow I'm staying at home.  Really.  I've got a week's worth of laundry waiting for me and a living room and dining room in dire need of some cleaning/decluttering.  I hope to dedicate the entire day to just staying at home.  What a concept!  Pretty foreign to me this week.  

To keep me on my toes, if you know me and see me (or talk to me on the phone) ask me if my kitchen is clean.  It is right now!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having a clean kitchen.  Thanks to my husband and also the kids doing dishes, we've kept it clean each day since that one day that I posted it early on in one of my first few blog posts.  Yea!  :O)

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