Tuesday, August 10, 2010

$1.00 Summer Movies... totally worth the extra $1

This morning I took the three kids to see How To Train Your Dragon at the AMC 20 Woodlands in Oldsmar.  Let me tell you that compared to the FREE movie at Regal Cinemas at Citrus Park Mall in Tampa, THERE IS NO COMPARISON!  I would GLADLY pay $1 for the comfort of the stadium seating in "the BIG theater."  Not to mention the friendliness of the ticket taker (Citrus Park didn't have any tickets or takers!) and concession stand workers.  This is the second movie I've seen there this summer and both times at the concession stand I've had OUTSTANDING service!  If you know any big-wigs at AMC Theaters, please pass along my appreciation.  

My kids weren't sure until late last night that they actually wanted to see the Dragon movie.  But after they made up their minds and got tucked into bed I ordered the tickets online to ensure that we had seats when we arrived at the theater.  I couldn't believe it when we arrived at the theater at 9:30 (they opened doors at 9) and got the best parking space I've EVER gotten there.  Then we got our GIGANTIC bag of popcorn and 4 waters and found the BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE!  It was probably the best movie experience I've had in a really long time.  My kids were unusually well-behaved and I didn't even mind getting up during the movie to take everyone to the potty (probably because I REALLY had to go!)  I even saw one of my best friends in the bathroom (she was there to see another movie).  Not to mention I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked the movie.  I'm a bit of a Computer Animated movie snob.  I truly only love anything that PIXAR does.  Their movies are my absolute favorite movies geared towards kids.  Anyway.  The Dragon movie was cute and I look forward to seeing it on video someday.

And yes, I didn't do a darned thing at home today.  We were gone the entire day!  I found a friend's house we could hangout at after the movie.  I'm trying to give my husband (who works from home) a quiet house so he can ROCK this project that he's working on with a TIGHT deadline this week.  So, that translates into nothing getting done at home since I'm not around.  But this too, shall pass and soon I'm gonna get biz-ay on the home-modification (decluttering).

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