Sunday, July 25, 2010

I am WAY overthinking this blog thing...

I really wanted my first post to be perfect, but more and more time has passed and I am still unhappy with the way my site looks. But I decided enough with the procrastination and perfectionism and just post already!

The reason I wanted to start my own blog was to share my experience with getting my house under control. I've always had a difficult time keeping my house clean (enough for company), but just recently I've had an excuse for getting it cleaned up.

In one week's time I had a friend move into an adjoining part of my neighborhood who has a daughter the same age as my daughter. We used to be closer friends a few years ago, but had lost touch. And in that same week I met my new neighbor (who lives 4 doors down from me) and her family. Her oldest daughter will be going to the same school that my daughter went to last year (I realize that last sentence was a bit confusing).

Before this summer, I've never had a deep incentive to A.) clean my house (from top to bottom) and B.) keep it clean. Let me explain... Almost every single one of my close friends lives about 25 minutes away. I'm located north of them (in general) and most of them feel it's a burden to drive "up here." We are a bit isolated in that respect. And in addition, my parents and brothers live in IL and rarely come to visit. I usually "cram" clean before a visit. It's been years since I've hosted a birthday party at our house and due to my "messy" house, haven't had anyone over for dinner in a long time.

Nevertheless it's embarrassing to admit my problem to the general public, but recently God has been speaking to me and has really gotten my attention. His timing is perfect, in so many ways. It was just in the past month that my husband got me a book from the library about hoarding. I started reading it and wouldn't you know, I am a compulsive hoarder. Now, I'm not as bad as the TV show Hoarding (or whatever it's called), but a little bit more like "Clean House" (with Niecy Nash). I will tell you more about the details in another post. I had wanted to take pictures "before" and "after" my house's transformation, but chickened out at the last minute. Too embarrassing. Sorry to disappoint you, but I guess I am too afraid about what you might think.

I gave myself a deadline of last Sunday to get my house in order enough to invite our new neighbors (4 doors down) over for some of my Chicago-style deep dish pizza. I didn't hit that deadline. I did make some great progress though and am so thankful that I have my new neighbors as an incentive to get stuff done around here. So at the last minute I asked them if they wouldn't mind hosting us instead and I just brought the pizza and stuff over to their house. They were oh, so gracious and agreed to my plan. We enjoyed some wonderful fellowship and our children got to play together too.

I still have a long way to go to get my house in order, but I am excited and invigorated to do something about my "clutter issues."

I look forward to doing it with you.


  1. This is so weird...I commented this morning and it didn't show up. Anyway, I'm excited! You're doing a great job!

  2. Thank you Ellyn. I really appreciate your encouragement.


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